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I noticed on this page:http://www.singaporemath.com/FAQ_Primary_Math_s/15.htm

it said this:

It is not advisable to switch from U.S. or Core Edition to Standards Edition between grades 5 and 6. 

I am deciding to continue with my US Edition for 5th, but wanted to know why there was such a warning in case I want to switch for 6th grade.

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Just because of the way the topics line up. Some of the US edition grade 6 is in Standards edition grade 5, and not thoroughly repeated in Standards edition grade 6. Grade 6 is considerably different in Singapore, it is not part of "middle school" so they do not get into formal pre-algebra topics yet at a very basic level the way they do in the US, instead they consolidate and deepen understanding of what they know.  Standards edition 6 is a total revision just for the US. But the pre-algebra topics there are more than adequately covered in Dimensions Math 7, which actually goes beyond standard pre-algebra. 


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