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How do we do Mental Math?

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DRMom    0

I just started Singapore Math with my daughter.  We are doing Primary Mathematics 1A and I am confused by the "Mental Math" assignments.  Each lesson generally requires that we end with "Mental Math" exercises, but I can't find any explanation about how we are supposed to do them.  At this level, they are generally just lists of basic addition and subtraction problems.  Am I supposed to read these problems aloud and make my daughter figure it out in her head and answer orally?  Or am I supposed to have her read it and write the answers?  Am I supposed to make sure she is using the particular strategy for problem solving that we just learned in the applicable lesson?

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Jenny    3

It is a suggestions, and no requirement. All it means is that your student can do that mental math page now. You can do it at any time, and multiple times. How you do it is up to you. You can do it orally, which is probably best for this level, unless she writes well. But she should look at the problems, not just hear them, unless she is a good auditory learner. Whether she writes the down or answers orally, she should do them mentally. No, you do not have to make sure she is doing a particular strategy. You may want to ask on a few what her strategy was, to get a better idea of her thinking, up to you. You can even make multiple copies, do one each day, time them each time, write the time down, and show that she is getting better. You can give her 5 minutes and see how far she gets each time. She may hate doing them, in which case find some other way to practice mental math.

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John Land    0

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