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Primary math 6 vs. Dimensions Math 6

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maty93    0

Is there considerable overlap in these two books? IOW, would one choose one or the other and then move on to Dimensions 7?

Or finish primary math 6 and move to Dimensions 6?


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Jenny    3

Depends on which edition of Primary Math how much overlap there is, and there is a little bit of overlap with Dimensions 7. Whether you choose one or the other depends on your preference. The format changes, the workbook is optional, the exercises are in the textbook, the "lessons" are longer, maybe several days in a classroom, followed by a longer exercise. There is no Home Instructor's Guide. Yes, the topics are a bit different, but you won't lose anything in the long run whichever edition and whichever grade 6 you use. If you are using US edition, it does not matter that there are no negative numbers, there will be adequate introduction in Dimensions 7, for example. If you are using Standards edition, there is more overlap in topics, as Standards edition Primary Math (and Dimensions Math 6) were written exclusively for US. Which starts kids earlier on some topics and later on others compared to Singapore.

But no reason to do both.

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