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US edition 6B, Intensive Practice, Topic 1, Word Problem #9, p. 6

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Anne    0

The answer key says 24 girls don't wear glasses. We are having trouble finding the route to the answer. HELP!

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Jenny    3

I solved it this way:  (you can draw bars to show this)

28 = 1/4 of boys and 2/5 of girls.  (these you could draw as 1 unit of one length and 2 of another, you don't really know which is bigger)

Multiply by 4 and you will include all the boys.  28 x 4 = 112, so

112 = 4/4 of boys and 8/5 of girls

But there are 3 girl units too many (3/5)

There are only 88 kids in class. 112 - 88 = 24. So 24 kids too many.

Therefore, 3/5 of girls (3 girl units) = 24

Which is how many don't wear glasses  (3/5 of girls do not wear glasses)

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