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Singapore Math Practice 6A, Final Review #47, pg 111

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bruben    0

Answers are in the back of the book, so I have that, but I don't feel like the question is worded correctly in order to answer it.


47. A jar of cookies is 630 g when it is 1/2 full and 855 g when it is 7/9 full.

(a) How many kilograms of cookies can the jar hold when it is full?

(b) What is the mass of the empty jar?


First, 630 at 1/2 full = 1260 g when full.  But 855 at 7/9 full = 1099.285714285714 g when full. Obviously two different "full" weights. How am I supposed to know which one two use to answer (a)?  Second, obviously one of these numbers includes the mass of the jar, but they don't specify which. Even if I think logically that the higher total "full" mass must also include the mass of the jar, that's not correct.

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Jenny    3

Which book? Is this Primary Math workbook, Extra Practice? There is a Singapore Math Practice book I think that we do not carry, if that is the exact title, in which case I can't help because I don't have it and we don't carry and it is possible it is an error. 

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