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Primary vs Dimensions

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Hi!  We have previously used Primary 1 & 2 and loved it so much I’ve never even considered looking at other options.  Then I noticed Dimensions was available.  I’m trying to decide whether to stick with what I know works or switch to something new.  There weren’t as many sample pages available to look at for Primary 3A & 3B.  I saw lots of logic type problems in Dimensions 3.  Does Primary have the same logic problems?  Is the content different or just the delivery?  The Dimensions sample seemed a little more difficult but maybe it was just the particular pages I saw.

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Dimensions Math does have some logic type of problems as challenges in the workbook. Content is different, of course, we can't use the same content as a different publisher. Approach is similar. I would say that Dimensions Math is a bit more challenging than Primary Math. Perhaps easier to teach because of the delivery.

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