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So far we have used Singapore Kindergarten Math, Primary Mathematics 1-6, and NEM 1.  I am recording transcripts and need to know how to list NEM 1-4 as math credits.  Which math subjects do I list?  Here is the information I found on the FAQ page:

Secondary 1: pre-algebra, some algebra 1 and geometry  
Secondary 2: algebra 1 and geometry 
Secondary 3: some algebra 2, geometry, some trigonometry 
Secondary 4: some advanced topics and review

Here's what I'm considering:  My daughter put enough hours into completing NEM 1 to count as two credits (2 years) of math.  Could I list the first half of NEM 1 (ch.1-8) as a credit of Algebra I and the second half of NEM 1 (ch. 9-14) as a credit of Geometry?  Otherwise I was thinking I would list NEM 1 as Algebra 1 and NEM 2 as Geometry.  Is that right?  What do you recommend I do?  Also, please give me a suggestion for how to list NEM 3 & 4.

Thank you for your help.

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What colleges are more concerned with is what level of math the student gets to while still in high school. And not what they did in grade 7. You can list it however you want, but I don't think NEM covers all of algebra 1. Nor geometry, at least not high school geometry. You could call it a credit of pre-algebra and 1 of introductory geometry, but I don't think it can honestly be listed as a full credit of high school algebra 1 and a full credit of high school geometry, because of the content. Regardless of how much time was put in to it. It partly depends on where she is going in the long run for later levels. Will you be doing NEM 3 and 4? NEM 1-4 maybe takes you through algebra 1, 2, and geometry, maybe half a credit of trigonometry. Note that in Singapore, NEM 1-4 is essentially Secondary 1-4, which is essentially grades 7-10 or 11 age wise, then they go to junior college, after taking Cambridge O level exams. Those kids wanting to sit for Cambridge A level exams take a second math course in Secondary 3 and 4, which would cover what we might consider grades 11 and 12 type of math if one wants some Calculus in grade 12. 

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