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Singapore for Middle School

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Kristie    0

I just started homeschooling my son last year (6th grade), and we started with PM Standards Edition some time before Christmas.  He started with level 3, worked through the summer and is beginning 7th grade at level 5.  My concern is that, now that he is at a higher level, we have slowed down some, and I am afraid he is not going to be through the books by the time he is in 9th grade.  Do I push him to get him through all of the books, or are there some that he will not necessarily have to complete and still be ready for Algebra?

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Jenny    3

The Dimensions Math 7 is pre-algebra, pretty much. If using the Standards edition, you could skip 6A and 6B (this is the only case where it is possible and topics are not lost) but new concepts will be a bit intense, but doable. There is no guide though, just solutions, but the textbooks have more text in them, explanations.

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