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Sufficient practice for students

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Dclassical    0

At our school, we have been using the Primary Math CA edition for many years.  This year, we transitioned our 6th grade class to Dimensions.  We are excited to use the new program.  Our students are on campus only 2 days a week working with our trained teachers.  The other 3 days they are home schooled, working with parents who are more or less ready to teach math at this level.  What do other schools use if there is a need to provide more problems for practice?  Our parents are accustomed to using the HIG for home instruction and without that we are trying to put some things together to keep the home time relevant and rigorous. 



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Jenny    3

Workbooks and teacher guides are being developed, but are not ready yet. For word problems, I suggest you use the Challenging Word Problems 5 and or 6, maybe even Process Skills for those levels, for that type of practice. For straight computation practice, perhaps something from online? You could even consider Intensive Practice 6, though it won't include everything, like integers. In Singapore, they do not teach integers until grade 7.

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