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Found 2 results

  1. Try as I might, I can't figure out the answers provided in the Answer Key (published in 2010). We are asked to present the number of minutes it took Ben to travel 75 km, the number of minutes to travel 1/5 of the journey, and the number of minutes it took him to travel the entire journey. The Answer Key says it took him 250 minutes to travel 75 km, 50 minutes to travel 1/5 of the journey and 250 minutes for the entire journey. Shouldn't it have taken him 50 minutes to travel 75 km? We are then asked to provide Paul's total distance, his total time and his average speed. The Answer Key says his total distance is 250 km, his total time 170 minutes and his average speed 88.24 km/h. Wouldn't Paul's total distance be 375 km?
  2. Questions b and c puzzle me. Since it took Sam 5 minutes to run half a mile, wouldn't 6 miles per hour be his speed, not Terry's?