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Found 3 results

  1. How do we do Mental Math?

    I just started Singapore Math with my daughter. We are doing Primary Mathematics 1A and I am confused by the "Mental Math" assignments. Each lesson generally requires that we end with "Mental Math" exercises, but I can't find any explanation about how we are supposed to do them. At this level, they are generally just lists of basic addition and subtraction problems. Am I supposed to read these problems aloud and make my daughter figure it out in her head and answer orally? Or am I supposed to have her read it and write the answers? Am I supposed to make sure she is using the particular strategy for problem solving that we just learned in the applicable lesson?
  2. Answer key

    Would anyone recommend that I buy the answer key for common core 1a-3b, or can I do without it? Thanks!
  3. help with math question

    hi..this question has nothing to do with the book and I know the answer but I just cannot solve it mathematically: The sum of two numbers is 22. One number is two less than the other. What are the numbers? The answer is 10 and 12 but how do I prove it??I tried asking guys at yourhomeworkhelp.org and socratic.org but still no answer from them (well I asked them an hour ago but I really curious about this)..thanks