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Found 2 results

  1. I just started Singapore Math with my daughter. We are doing Primary Mathematics 1A and I am confused by the "Mental Math" assignments. Each lesson generally requires that we end with "Mental Math" exercises, but I can't find any explanation about how we are supposed to do them. At this level, they are generally just lists of basic addition and subtraction problems. Am I supposed to read these problems aloud and make my daughter figure it out in her head and answer orally? Or am I supposed to have her read it and write the answers? Am I supposed to make sure she is using the particular strategy for problem solving that we just learned in the applicable lesson?
  2. hi..this question has nothing to do with the book and I know the answer but I just cannot solve it mathematically: The sum of two numbers is 22. One number is two less than the other. What are the numbers? The answer is 10 and 12 but how do I prove it??I tried asking guys at and but still no answer from them (well I asked them an hour ago but I really curious about this)..thanks