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Found 5 results

  1. Could someone tell me if Math In Focus, 1a (and 1b) teacher's edition is the same as the teacher's guide that is available to buy on the site? I am looking at some used books to try and save money. They are blue and orange with a school of fish on them. TIA!
  2. Answer key

    Would anyone recommend that I buy the answer key for common core 1a-3b, or can I do without it? Thanks!
  3. Kindergarten editions

    I'm confused about which Kindergarten edition to use: common core or standards? Which one is better? I want to use the U.S. edition starting in 1st grade.
  4. Hi, If a school were looking at adopting Singapore Math, what factors should be considered in selecting between the Common Core, Standards and US editions? I've glanced at the comparison in the scope and sequence, which is interesting and will take a closer look. Would I be wrong in thinking the Standards edition is a bit more challenging, especially in including algebra? What other factors could be considered? If there is a page with this rationale already available, just direct me there. Thanks, Wayne
  5. Where can I find more information about Singapore Math Common Core curriculum? The link in the FAQ page is broken. Thanks!