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    Intensive Practice 5A US edition, pg. 91, #47

    I’m guessing everyone is stumped by this one? 😬
  2. Twice as many adults as children attended a violin concert. During the intermission, 530 adults and 25 children left the concert hall. The number of children remaining in the hall became twice as many as the number of adults remaining in the hall. How many people attended the violin concert?
  3. d2mitch

    Intensive Practice 6A, US edition, pg. 47, #6j

    Thank you so much, Jenny! It seems so easy seeing it as a bar model. Any idea how one would go about solving this one with an equation approach? I'm assuming that was what the author intended.
  4. There were 75% more adult passengers than children on a bus. After 1/2 of the children had gotten off at a bus stop, there were _______% more adults than children left on the bus.