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    Whats next after US ed 6B?

    I guess I am still confused about what to use next. I looked at Dimensions 7A and all the versions say "Common Core." We are finishing 6B US Editions also. I am leary of anything labeled Common Core. Are there different editions of Dimensions? Is there a syllabus or table of contents posted?
  2. Having finished 5B, what is the difference between dimensions vs. new elementary math? Why would one choose one over the other? Strengths and weaknesses? Pros and cons? thanks!
  3. Is there considerable overlap in these two books? IOW, would one choose one or the other and then move on to Dimensions 7? Or finish primary math 6 and move to Dimensions 6? thanks.
  4. Is there considerable overlap in these two books? IOW, would one choose one or the other and then move on to Dimensions 7? Or finish primary math 6 and move to Dimensions 6? thanks.
  5. First the forum says 4th grade, but the books are not titled by grade, so is 4A equivalent to 4th grade? Why is the forum titled by grade if the books are not? My question is regarding unit 2 enrichment 1 mental math multiplication and division (pg 36). First, what is the point of this? If one is going to write down a number and remember the ones place to essentially carry it over (left to right) why wouldn't we just use this same method going right to left, remembering the tens place as you move over? Essentially working the same as you would normally just remembering the carried number to add to the next place column? For instance, in the example given 5276 x 3 why not say 6*3 write 8 remember 1 then 7*3 add 1 to 1 in one's place write down 2 remember tens place (2) 2*3 add the 2 write 8 and so on. Essentially how you've already learned to compute it, just remembering the number carried? I am not trying to difficult, just trying to figure out the purpose of this version of mental math. It seems to complicate things. Additionally it tells me to use mental math 9 for examples to do with the student! The last problem 2624*8 does not work with this system because on the second step, remembering 6 then adding it to 4 from the 6*8=48 gives us 10 which means you have to go back left to add it to the 1 in the ten thousands place for 20,000! This was not explained in the lesson and created a lot of angst in my son who was doing these fine and then got to this one which changed the scenario. Working right to left as I suggest above would ameliorate this! While I love MM, this seems very complicated and counterintuitive! Welcome any comments! Thanks!!?
  6. Thank you. And when you say "grade 2" is that 2A/2B? I did not think the level correlated to a grade... in fact, some "Singapore" books by other companies state, for instance 4A/4B is 5th grade equivalent, and so on. I am not hung up on grade level, as a HSer, grade level is irrelevant to us, but I am trying to figure out if I can find these original lessons in level 2A/2B books when you state the concept in introduced in grade 2, and so on. As for the speed math strategies books, would I want the level where this was introduced also, or one that corresponds to 4A? Thanks.
  7. We are starting Singapore for the first time, having used A Beka math very successfully. However, we are on a unit which references "mental math" which was taught in previous lessons. My son does not have this skill, having used another program in grades K-2. How do I backtrack and teach this skill before moving on? Do I need to purchase previous Singapore levels, and if so, which level is this introduced? i.e., 49 + 6 = ? using 49 + 10 = 59... -4= 55