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  1. Hi, I just saw that Lesson 9.2 - 6B is asking for The Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP). Is that really necessary in order to complete the lessons? I just checked their website and it is no longer available. I am curious about what others are doing. Thanks!
  2. Nanda

    Primary vs. Dimensions

    Thank you, Ladies for the promptly and thoughtful reply. I heard both of you! I felt in love with PM because it helped me and my children to understand and love Math, but I do rely a lot on the Home's guide at the same time my husband, who is a teacher, just reads the topic and produces a whole lesson without even seeing the books! Anyway, I have been searching and seems like there is nothing out there that follows Singapore approach I will stick with PM 6 next year and get the DM 7 to start "studying it". Thanks again!
  3. Nanda

    Primary vs. Dimensions

    Hi, Mrs. Bee, I am deciding which book for next year and I stumbled upon your question, which is exactly my situation right now! Could you please let me know what you think it was best? Standard Edition grade 6 or Dimensions 6? I will not jump to grade 7 that for sure. Thank you!