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  1. Jenny

    Where to start

    The Dimensions Math 7 is primarily pre-algebra, and the Dimensions Math 8 is primarily Algebra 1.
  2. Jenny

    Where to start

    Singporemath.com does not sell high school math. We are no longer restocking the high school science we sell, since some titles are going out of print.
  3. Jenny

    Primary vs Dimensions

    Dimensions Math does have some logic type of problems as challenges in the workbook. Content is different, of course, we can't use the same content as a different publisher. Approach is similar. I would say that Dimensions Math is a bit more challenging than Primary Math. Perhaps easier to teach because of the delivery.
  4. Jenny

    What comes next?

    Geometry with proofs, if you want proofs. And there is a some geometry Dimensions Math does not include, even if you don't, such as secants, tangents, arcs, chords, angles and segments in a circle, constructions and loci. Vectors. Transformations. Symmetry of plane figures. Some geometry texts do include a little trigonometry, but that can wait.
  5. Jenny

    PM US 6 vs Dimensions 6

    Dimensions Math 7 is pre-algebra. Any topic in pre-algebra, even if you use a different program, will more than likely thoroughly review any pre-algebra topics that might have been introduced in any US 6th grade program. PM 6 US edition may be a lot of review, but it is also a lot of depth and has more challenging problems, which does promote mathematical thinking. I don't think using it will not permit success in a pre-algebra text. It just won't have integers or simple one-step algebraic equations. You may find Dimensions Math 6 is a lot of review, as well, since Primary Math is generally ahead of US math in grade 5. Dimensions Math 6 was written just for the US, and had to satisfy US 6th grade requirements, and therefore does repeat a lot from PM 5, as well as introducing at the required topics involving integers and simple equations (which you will get again in pre-algebra). So I don't think you will go wrong with either choice. Look at the sample pages and see what you like best.
  6. Jenny

    Intensive Practice 5A US edition, pg. 91, #47

    Draw a bar with 2 units for children and under that one with 1 unit for adults. That is the situation at the end. Add 24 to the 2-unit children bar, that is how many were there before the 25 left. Before the adults left, there were twice as many as children. So make the adult bar twice as long as the children bar is now, which is 2 units + 25. So the adult bar has to be 4 units + 25 + 25. It was 1 unit. So now you know that 3 units + 50 is 530. Now you can find the value of 1 of the units and solve the problem.
  7. Jenny

    After Primary Math 6B

    New Elementary Math is about 20 years old. It is more challenging, but some components are out of print, like the Teacher's Manual that has solutions and answers to the end of the chapter challengers.
  8. Jenny

    Intensive Practice 5B Topic 4

    It is sort of misplaced, since it is an inverse proportion.
  9. Jenny

    Intensive Practice 5B Topic 4

    9 workers -> 10 hours 1 worker -> 9 x 10 hours 8 workers -> 90/8 hours
  10. There are essentially 3 triangles. A large one which is composed of two smaller ones, one of which is shaded and one which is not. You have the height of the large one, and the height of the unshaded one. They both have the same base. So, subtract the area of the unshaded one from the area of the large one.
  11. Jenny

    What comes next?

    Singapore meaning the company Singapore Math? No, we do not have any specific recommendation. After Dimensions Math 8 students could do highschool geometry or algebra 2. I personally did a bit of geometry and then college texts for intermediate algebra or precalculus.
  12. Jenny

    Imperial and metric

    They all cover both systems of measurement, because they have been adapted for US so imperial system was added, but emphasis is more on metric system. US edition has a Home Instructor's Guide for grades 1-6, Standards edition for grades 1-5. Dimensions Math does not yet have a separate home instructor's guide, but the teacher's guide is quite usable, just adapt some of the activities. So if you like the looks of that edition, lack of a dedicated Home Instructor's Guide should not keep you from it.
  13. Jenny

    Singapore Math

    Define what you mean by heuristic vs holistic. See https://www.singaporemath.com/Singapore_Math_s/331.htm
  14. Jenny


    It is similar in approach to a certain extent i.e. concrete to pictorial to abstract, and use of bar models, and some mental math, and word problems, but follows UK standards which is behind Singapore's in some areas and hence behind Primary Math.
  15. Jenny

    Teachers Guides for Evaluation

    Please email school@singaporemath.com with your request.