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  1. Hello, So far we have used Singapore Kindergarten Math, Primary Mathematics 1-6, and NEM 1. I am recording transcripts and need to know how to list NEM 1-4 as math credits. Which math subjects do I list? Here is the information I found on the FAQ page: Secondary 1: pre-algebra, some algebra 1 and geometry Secondary 2: algebra 1 and geometry Secondary 3: some algebra 2, geometry, some trigonometry Secondary 4: some advanced topics and review Here's what I'm considering: My daughter put enough hours into completing NEM 1 to count as two credits (2 years) of math. Could I list the first half of NEM 1 (ch.1-8) as a credit of Algebra I and the second half of NEM 1 (ch. 9-14) as a credit of Geometry? Otherwise I was thinking I would list NEM 1 as Algebra 1 and NEM 2 as Geometry. Is that right? What do you recommend I do? Also, please give me a suggestion for how to list NEM 3 & 4. Thank you for your help.