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    New to singapore Math. Guide me please

    Thank you very much for your reply. I will look the links provided. Thanks once again.
  2. Hi All, My daughter is going to a public school and is is grade 1. She is also currently going for Kumon for English reading for last 6 months. She did improve in reading. I don't think the reason that she improved only because of the Kumon material. It just that we are spending time with her while reading because we spending money. We do read with our daughter randomly. Because of Kumon we are sitting with her regularly. We could have done that even without the Kumon if we had Discipline. Now coming to the Math, I would like start my daughter with Singapore Math as a supplement at home. What is the best way to start with Singapore math? How do I teach her concepts? Are there books to teach the concepts? The workbooks relate to concepts so that she can practice what she learned? Even though I am good in Math, I don't want teach her concepts in my way(I did not study in USA) and confuse her because it is different way to what she learned in school. Please guide me in the right path to teach her the concepts and give her practice on daily basis. Which books to buy? Recommended number of books to complete before going to Grade 2? Thanks in advance.