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  1. So, to reiterate, you feel that starting at 3a in Singapore math would be a good level for him? He is also weak on math facts, so I would be interested in using level 1 Math Sprints with him, although it says to not do that without teaching the material first. Obviously he knows how to add and subtract, but he does NOT easily decompose numbers and he will often count on fingers and in his head to add numbers 0 to 20. And forget doing mental math with numbers bigger than that. He can do it, but very very slowly. I appreciate your advice.
  2. Hi, thanks for your response! Some of the things he missed were simple, like mistaking an addition problem for a subtraction problem, or vice versa. But even then he would do some of the addition and subtraction correctly. He missed both algorithm and mental math problems, and even word problems like, 2 candy bars, one $.55 and one $.35, you give 4 quarters so what is your change? He answered $.20. Some of the answers are so odd I almost think he might have a kind of number dyslexia. Thankfully I'm going through a public charter and the extra expense for the guides, or even for more one level per year, is doable. I also have the help of an instructor who is familiar with Singapore Math that I'm going to share his placement tests with, so hopefully we will figure this out. But it looks like I'm going to have to start over entirely in Math with him.
  3. I have a 7th grader that failed math in public school last year...although until last school year he was homeschooled using Teaching Textbooks. I'm enrolling him in a public homeschool charter this next year and the teacher recommended Singapore Math for him. I realized when I looked at the placement tests that he would have trouble with many problems with the level 3 tests so I gave him 2a and 2b to be thorough. He failed both. Apparently he is very good at mimicking what he is shown in Math without really understanding it, and now I'm wondering where to start. Can I start him with level 2 texts and go from there even though he's in 7th grade? How might this work? Is it possible to accelerate the lessons according to his understanding so he might accomplish several levels within a year?