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  2. Steffen Carter

    Hourly Rate Of Singapore Math

    I want to start tutoring & I don't know What should be the hourly rate. Please advice me?
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  5. d2mitch

    Intensive Practice 5A US edition, pg. 91, #47

    I’m guessing everyone is stumped by this one? 😬
  6. Thank you, so easy after you explain it.
  7. Twice as many adults as children attended a violin concert. During the intermission, 530 adults and 25 children left the concert hall. The number of children remaining in the hall became twice as many as the number of adults remaining in the hall. How many people attended the violin concert?
  8. Jenny

    After Primary Math 6B

    New Elementary Math is about 20 years old. It is more challenging, but some components are out of print, like the Teacher's Manual that has solutions and answers to the end of the chapter challengers.
  9. Katie

    After Primary Math 6B

    What is best after Primary Math US Edition 6B? Dimensions or New Elem Math?
  10. Donetta

    PM US 6 vs Dimensions 6

    My 5th grade son has used Primary Math US since 1B and will finish 5B this summer. I have been happy with the program. I can’t determine whether to continue in 6th grade with PM US 6 which is mostly review or change to Dimensions Math 6 which introduces new topics. The intent is to complete pre-algebra in 7th grade (though I haven’t settled yet on which curriculum to use for that). Which is a better preparation for pre-algebra? Will he be missing anything by spending 6th grade on mostly review (using PM) versus starting to learn new concepts with Dimensions? Anything else I need to consider in making this decision? Thanks for any input provided
  11. Jenny

    Intensive Practice 5B Topic 4

    It is sort of misplaced, since it is an inverse proportion.
  12. durc1013

    Intensive Practice 5B Topic 4

    Thank You! Seems so simple now. I was completely overthinking it.
  13. Jenny

    Intensive Practice 5B Topic 4

    9 workers -> 10 hours 1 worker -> 9 x 10 hours 8 workers -> 90/8 hours
  14. Steffen Carter

    Mathematical Skills

    I am very weak in Math & I want to enhance my Mathematical skills. Anybody can help me?
  15. durc1013

    Intensive Practice 5B Topic 4

    #4l If 9 workers take 10 hours to complete a piece of job, how long will 8 workers take to complete the same piece of job?
  16. Colleen

    Standards vs. US

    Hi, we are toward the end of our first year homeschooling and have loved the 4A & 4B US edition of Primary Mathematics. So, I am starting to think of our next level in math and came back to the website. I noticed the Standards edition covers a number of additional topics (mostly year 6) compared to the US edition, and I started reading through a number of posts on this issue. The above post seems to capture in a couple sentences why the difference. Other than this is how it is done in Singapore (or US), do you have any additional thoughts on the pros/cons of the US vs. Standards editions? Any logical/developmental/ or other reasons why one might be preferred over the other? Thanks!
  17. For question 1e the answer we came up with is 1/2. But the answer key has 1/6. Can someone explain the discrepancy? Because according to the formula, P(AorB)=P(A) +P(B), so since both cards occupy half of the space, not drawing both on the first try should be half. I can't come up with 1/6 as the key indicated. Someone please show the steps? Thanks! We seem to have more discrepancies with the answer key on the probability section than anywhere else.
  18. Arien

    6B Workbook Page 137

    This is somewhat confusing. I am assuming both events are independent of each other, because regardless where the first coin landed, the 2nd coin is free to land on it as well. Therefore, we think the answer should be 1/5.
  19. There are essentially 3 triangles. A large one which is composed of two smaller ones, one of which is shaded and one which is not. You have the height of the large one, and the height of the unshaded one. They both have the same base. So, subtract the area of the unshaded one from the area of the large one.
  20. Any help would be appreciated on this one. Thanks.
  21. Mamaurick

    What comes next?

    Yes, sorry, I meant the company, Singapore Math. 🙂 Thank you for your answer!
  22. Jenny

    What comes next?

    Singapore meaning the company Singapore Math? No, we do not have any specific recommendation. After Dimensions Math 8 students could do highschool geometry or algebra 2. I personally did a bit of geometry and then college texts for intermediate algebra or precalculus.
  23. Mamaurick

    What comes next?

    HI! I was wondering if Singapore recommends any specific math once your children have "aged out" of Singapore. Thank you! Stacey
  24. Jenny

    Imperial and metric

    They all cover both systems of measurement, because they have been adapted for US so imperial system was added, but emphasis is more on metric system. US edition has a Home Instructor's Guide for grades 1-6, Standards edition for grades 1-5. Dimensions Math does not yet have a separate home instructor's guide, but the teacher's guide is quite usable, just adapt some of the activities. So if you like the looks of that edition, lack of a dedicated Home Instructor's Guide should not keep you from it.
  25. Dear all, I am new to this forum and also new to Singapore Math. I will start teaching my son and he already did the placement test. He should start grade 2B. I just need some directions and advise regarding which edition to follow. Does the Standard, US and Dimensions covers imperial and metric system measurements? Which one comes with the home instructor? Thanks in advance.
  26. Steffen Carter

    How to choose level

    If you are new to Singapore math. Championtutor will help you to choose the level which is best for him. Thank you & Good Luck..
  27. Jenny

    Singapore Math

    Define what you mean by heuristic vs holistic. See https://www.singaporemath.com/Singapore_Math_s/331.htm
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