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  2. Steffen Carter

    Singapore Math Games

    I want to teach Singapore math to my nephew but whenever i tried i found he is not much interested in learning maths. So are there any games with the help of which i can teach maths to my nephew. Please suggest me some of the games(If there any) for Singapore maths learning.
  3. durc1013

    Intensive Practice 5A

    Topic 3 Fractions, #15 Lisa used 880 g of a container of sugar to bake a cake and 1/10 of the remaining sugar to make cookies. She then had 3/7 of the container of sugar left. How much sugar was in the container at first? Could someone please walk me through how to solve this?
  4. Jenny

    5A Practice 1D Textbook p. 25

    You need to use bar models. There are solutions with bar models in the guides. The textbook does show some bar models. Bar models were taught beginning grade 3. If you did not do earlier grades, consider getting the Supplement Process Skills. For 2, you would draw a bar with 1 unit for boys, and below that a bar with 3 units for girls. Mark the difference as 24. Now you know that 1 unit = 24, and the rest is easy. For 10, there are different strategies. One is to draw a bar for John, and attached to it to the right a bar for Paul. The length of the entire bar is marked as 45. Below that, draw another bar for John, same length, and attach to that 3 bars for Henry the same length as the bar for Paul. Mark the total length as 65. Then, you can see that the difference between the two bars is 2 of those Paul units. The difference is 65 - 45 = 20. So one unit is 10, and that is how much Paul spent. From that, you can find how much John spent.
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  6. Not sure how to do problems 2, and 10... Appear to need to use algebra in a way that hasn't been explained in the text yet. Can you help us see how to solve these? Thanks! 2) There are 3 times as many boys as girls. If there are 24 more boys than girls how many children are there altogether? 10) John and Paul spent $45 altogether. John and Henry spent $65 altogether. If Henry spent 3 times as much as Paul, how much did John spend.
  7. One issue is that your local school might not be following the same sequence. Our material is based on math from Singapore, why our company is called Singapore math. and they do teach, for example, division of 3-digit by 1 digit in grade 3, and so do our books. If you don't want to teach them, then perhaps the best thing would be to get the Extra Practice, Common Core edition, for several grade levels and then do the chapters for topics they have learned in school. I don't know if the school is teaching a bar model method for solving word problems, either. The Extra Practice would have some explanation, though. This is maybe not the best material to simply "supplement" if a typical US curriculum is being used, it might be better used for teaching the topics without trying to follow what is being done in school.
  8. Steffen Carter

    Which Books For Which Grade

    Every grade has its own book according to the syllabus. So you must follow the book which is related to the grade in which your child is and the book recommended by the maths tutor of your child according to the syllabus.
  9. I'm new to Singapore math. My kids are in 3rd and 4th grades at a local school, and I'm not intending to homeschool them and therefore, don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks, workbooks, and teacher guides since they get math at school. My goal is to supplement their school learning and make sure we're hitting all of the necessary skills and reinforcing what they've already learned. Which books should I be using? Is it appropriate to use the supplemental series, such as the Supplemental Extra Practice? Or should I actually be purchasing the textbooks, workbooks, and teacher books that homeschooling families are using? There are so many options that I'm not sure what do choose. Thank you, in advance, for any help you can provide!
  10. OK, I can see that now. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Much appreciated!
  11. It looks like the book gave the answer for how many are in Team A and Team B to begin with. The tenses are problematic. They should have a were in there: The raitio is... if 10 people from ... were to ... the ratio will become. They have the is and the will become, but not the were. I apologize that I did not see the title of the post, it was off my screen, before I asked for more detail on which book. It was sufficient, sorry.
  12. Sorry about that. U.S. Edition Extra Practice for Primary Mathematics 6 ISBN 978-981-01-9378-2 Reprint 2015 Exercise 6 Ratio (3): Changing Ratios Problem 6 on page 19 I hope that helps. Let me know if you need more information.
  13. Exercise 6 problem 6 which book, which page number? My exercise 6 in the workbook is about nets.
  14. Jenny

    Long Division in Singapore Maths

    It "works" no different than traditional long division. The main difference is how it is taught, with the number discs, to understand what is happening in terms of place values, so that kids just don't learn a process, the understand why the process is the way it is and why it works.
  15. How Long Division works in Singapore Maths? Can anyone help me with it?
  16. Jenny

    What is the difference between MPH 3/4 and 3A

    The science we are now selling is the International version, and is for grade level. But you would do 5 after all of 3/4, yes.
  17. We are currently working through the books in My Pals are Here 3/4 and enjoying it. We use the HOTS to go deeper and check for understanding. I am looking ahead to when we complete the series. I see that the books now are grade level instead of multi grade topic focused. Are we doing the old method? If we switch to the grade level books after 3/4 would we go to 5? Thank you, Nicole
  18. My answer does not match the answer key. Before 7:3 10units After 3:2 5 units Since our total does not change we need to get the units to be the same. Common multiple is 10 Before 7:3 10units stays the same After 6:4 10units when we multiply by 2 we see that team A drops by one unit and team B increases by one unit. Therefore one unit = 30 people. A now has 6 units 6x30=180 B now has 4 units 4x 30=120 Team A=180 Team B=120 The books answer is Team A=210 & Team B=90
  19. TonyC

    Extra practice Grade 6 US Edition

    My mistake Before 1:5 x 2 = 2:10 After 1:3 x 3 = 3:9 We can see that there are 12 units total and each unit =2 12x2=24 There were 24 people at the meet. Still can't get 40
  20. TonyC

    Extra practice Grade 6 US Edition

    This seems wrong to me. First the problem in the book states 1:5 you have 1:4 Also 1:3 to 5:16 are not equivalent fractions. What I keep coming up with is Before 1:5 6units After 1:3 4units Since the total people does not change then we need to get both units to be equal common multiple for 6 and 4 is 12 6x2=12 and 4x3=12 We then need to multiply the ratios by the same factor Before 1:5 x 2 = 2:10 After 1:3 x 3 = 3:9 Here we can see that the high jumpers went from 2 to 3 gaining 1unit and the not participating dropping 1 unit from 10 to 9. Since 2 people moved to the high jumpers then 1 unit = 2 people. Before 1:5 = 6units then 6x2 = 12people There were 12 people at the meet. I am not able to get the answer of 40.
  21. jococmf

    6B Workbook, page 22, number 4

    THANK YOU! We were stymied.
  22. Jenny

    Determining Best Edition / Starting Point

    It is a new series. It is based on the approach used in Primary Mathematics. It is not an "updated" edition. Specific problems, layout, numbers, subject of word problems, are all different. Approach and methodology are based on that of Primary Mathematics.
  23. Alyse Lilie

    Determining Best Edition / Starting Point

    Thank you for your help jenny! I did briefly look over dimensions math. Is there any advantage to ordering one of the original editions over dimensions? Is dimensions math an updated edition of a specific earlier edition or a combination of all of them? Thank you for the link to the assessments/placements!
  24. Jenny

    Determining Best Edition / Starting Point

    There is not that much difference between the Standards edition and the Common Core edition at that level, and the former has a Home Instructor's Guide. I suggest you look at Dimensions Math, though. Dimensionsmath.com It is our newest edition. Assessment tests are at that.http://www.singaporemath.com/Placement_Test_s/86.htm There are mental math strategies that they learn in 1A that are useful for 1B, but it is up to you if you want to get all of 1A just for that.
  25. Hello, My daughter is currently in public 1st Grade in Texas. We are going to pull her after Thanksgiving and homeschool for the remainder of 1st Grade. Our current plan is to start her back in public school for the start of 2nd Grade (New district, new school). Her current math teacher assessed her math level at mid-second semester at the beginning of the year, so she is a little ahead, but I am unfamiliar with what exactly she knows/doesn't know. If our intention is to place her back in public school next school year, would you recommend the Common Core Edition for a smoother transition? Or is that really designed for more of a class setting (I noticed that there is only a teacher guide, not home instructors guide available)? Also, would you recommend she begin with 1A, even if it is mostly review? I have seen mention of printable assessments, but do not see them on the website. Can you guide me to their location, if available? Thank you so much! Alyse
  26. Asif

    Which Books For Which Grade

    Thanks so very much Jenny!
  27. Jenny

    Which Books For Which Grade

    Yes, they are, in general, but they are still a little more advanced in some areas. It is based on math in Singapore, not the U.S. Probably for grade 2 you can just get 2A and 2B, but common core does not really include subtraction of 2-digit numbers, so you may have to spend more time on that in review. Look at the sample pages and see what you like best. They all cover essentially the same topics.
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